Prayer vigils held for those lost on Mt. Everest

Sherpa Kyidug USA : Our Sherpa community came together to pay respect for those who lost lives on Mt. Everest and other Himalayas .
The gathering for family, friends and the community was set to run from 6pm to 8pm p.m. at our kyidug’s temple elmhurst .
The gathering was to honor  those lives lost on Everest and other Himalayas .
We performed Pooja to express our heartfelt condolences to all those who had lost their life during the course of bravery. We also lighted butter lamps and recited aspiration prayers.
May all those deceased be reborn in the pure realm.
May Buddha bless all .
Special thanks to US Nepal Cilmbers Associations for sponsoring Butter lamps.
Our sincere appreciation goes to our Lamas and Shyarwi Rigshung Lopta students for performing the ceremony with great kindness and compassion.

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