We honor our outgoing board members and celebrate the new members joining us. United Sherpa Association USA , is proud to have an innovative, passionate board of directors who govern our work in the community. This diverse group of professionals focuses on our mission, strategy, and goals when overseeing our organizational activities. We wouldn’t be where we are today without a strong group of board members so we want to take a moment to thank those who have served on our board and welcome those oncoming members !!

New board members swearing ceremony

One thought on “Meet our new board members”
  1. I am very frustrated , My heart aches for the all the Buddhist around the world specially Tibetans. They are heartbroken by the attacks on their leader and their customs. sad and disappointing things to come out of the controversy with HH Dalai Lama viral video is how come our Sherpa community is keeping mute ?

    I am calling upon all Sherpa community people ,whether you have a strong platform or have people around you that aren’t as knowledgeable about this situation, to actively participate in every possible way to effectively inform and educate. The one time Dalai Lama needs our support we should be ready to give. Thanks to those who are already active and vocal, but the more voices, the quicker we are heard. Just a wake up call for all of us, if you care, it’s high time now to act.

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