Sports Development

The United Sherpa Association Inc. (Sherpa Kyidug) strongly believes on the roles and responsibilities of youths for the overall future of the community. We have been organizing training sessions and various sports events for youths in the NY since 1998.

Our main objective of sports events is to bring youths together and encourage them in various sports and boost their hidden talents.  We know sports and and other youth related events are very effective programs in order to motivate and participate the younger generation in community activities creating environments for learning about our unique cultural heritage.

The sports events have been expending into different groups and games.  Currently, there are separate teams for United Sherpa Football Club (USFC), United Sherpa Women Soccer (USWS), United Gulf Team, Volleyball, and Basketball teams.  United Sherpa Association Inc. coordinates all the sport events and teams.  However, separate management teams have been formed to organize training sessions, tournaments, and other events independently.

United Volleyball Team

The sports event was conceptualized as a potluck picnic in New York in 1998. Volleyball was the first game organized by the association. Since then the association has been organizing volleyball tournament among different community groups and clubs. This annual volleyball tournament was one of the major sport events among the Nepali communities in USA particularly in the east coast with attractive prizes and medal.

United Sherpa Football Club

The USFC stands for United Sherpa Football Club.  The club was established by Mr. Chhiring Namgyal Sherpa and Mr. Sangbo Sherpa in New York in 2012 with a mission “to unite the Himalayan communities, and build strength and friendship among them”.  Its motto is “Unity, Strength, and Friendship for the community”.

The club has more than 100 players ages ranging from 5 to 16.  USFC is a soccer club affiliated to United Sherpa Association but independently managed by volunteers and professionals.  USFC is open to all the Himalayan communities and doesn’t discriminate anyone.  Apart from training sessions and practices on Friday evenings, and Sunday mornings, USFC also participates in leagues and tournaments.  The club has participated in Metrokids IRSL league in fall 2016 and achieved remarkable result.  Our U9, U13, and U15 were second, third, and fourth respectively in their categories.  The club also participated in Queens Soccer Foundation indoor league 2017.  Our U12 team was champion of indoor league 2017.  The club has made huge achievements within a short period of time.  The credit goes to the coaches, volunteers, players, parents and the management team.

The club is participating in Metrokids IRSL spring league 2017 in 5 different categories (U7, U9, U11, U13, and U15).  USFC is also looking for other competitive leagues to participate and hope for continued support from the community to achieve more successes in the future.

The association included Soccer game in its sport events since 2007 in response to the increasing number of Sherpa youths interested in the soccer game. Many clubs within the Sherpa community and teams from Bhutanese, Tibetan and other communities also have been participating in the Soccer tournaments.

United Sherpa Gulf Club

The United Sherpa Association has been participating and organizing gulf tournament since 2007. The association has organized Tibet Open, Himalayan Gulf, Bhutanese Gulf, ANA Gulf and Gimin Gulf tournaments so far.

United Basketball Team

The association included Basketball in its sport events in 2013. Many teams from different communities in New York and surrounding states have been participating in the basketball tournament. The Kyidug has been also participating different basketball tournaments organized by other communities, associations, and clubs.

A dedicated team of professionals and volunteers under the coordination of the executive committee has been conducting the training sessions and organizing events and tournaments every year.

The sub-committee organizes indoor training sessions in the winter and during summer they have been playing in public parks. Since 2016 they have selected the Big-bush Park located in Queens, New York to practice the soccer on every Sunday.

United Sherpa Women Soccer Group

United Sherpa Women Soccer Group was formed in late 2016.  Within the short period of time, in addition to their involvement in sports, the group has participated in community activities. The group was able to encourage and unite Sherpa women and youths.  The group had participated the friendly game organized by United Sherpa Association Inc. in 2016.

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