Losar & Lhapso

The United Sherpa Association Inc. has been playing pivotal role in cultural preservation and promotion efforts since its conceptualization in New York in early 1996.  The association provides a common platform and facilitates to organize and celebrate most of the cultural events.  The associations also facilitates to form organizers (Lawas) in order to organize a particular event more effectively and efficiently.


Losar is the New Year for the communities who follow Lunar Calendar.  The compound word ‘Lo-sar’ is made up of two terms: ‘Lo’ (Year) and ‘Sar’  (new) in the Sherpa language. Therefore ‘Losar’ is the ‘New Year’.

Obviously, it is one of the most important festive occasions for the Lunar Calendar following himalayan communities. This festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st month in Lunar Calendar. It usually occurs during February or March in Gregarian Calendar. Due to lesser days in the whole year in Sherpa-Tibetan Lunar Calendar, in every three years, this day will be moved one month earlier according to other calendars such as the Gregarian calendar.


Lhapso is the worship of various gods and goddesses –mainly the different forms of Buddha, or community deities. This event is usually observed on the 3rd day of the New Year in Lunar Calendar. However, the festival has been observed during different dates based on the suitable time for the specific community in a particular geographical region. For instance, the Lhapso is observed in April or May on a weekend rather then in February or March in the USA, particularly in the east coast because it is much warner in April or May.

Every year the ongoing organizers recommends the new lawas for the coming year.  The new team will be responsible to organize formal programs on the occasion of Losar and the Lhapso.

Lhapso Organizers (Lawa) 2017

  1. Mr./Mrs. Danny Sherpa (Gole): 347-612-3944
  2. Mr./Mrs. Kami Sherpa: 646496-3782
  3. Mr. /Mrs. Pema Sherpa (Pinasa): 929-396-6451
  4. Mr./Mrs. Dawa Doma Sherpa: 917-561-946
  5. Mr./Mrs. Ang Tshering Sherpa: 347-612-6954
  6. Mr./Mrs. Mingmar Sherpa: 646-515-4096
  7. Mr./Mrs. Pemba Sherpa: 646-241-7021
  8. Mrs/Mr. Yangji Sherpa: 347-513-0415
  9. Mr./Mrs. Pasang Sherpa: 347-319-1209
  10. Mr./Mrs. Phuchhiri Sherpa: 347-761-5488
  11. Mr. Pemba Dakto: 917-513-2703

Former Lhapso Organizers (Lawa)

Lhapso Organizers (Lawa) 2016

  1. Mr./Mrs. Jangbu lama
  2. Mr./Mrs. Ngawang Sherpa
  3. Mr./Mrs. Phurwa Sherpa
  4. Mr./Mrs. Ang Furwa Sherpa
  5. Mr./Mrs. Mingma Sherpa
  6. Mr./Mrs. Pasang Sherpa
  7. Mr./Mrs. Ngima Temba Sherpa
  8. Mr./Mrs. Ongchhu Sherpa
  9. Mr./Mrs. Nuru Sherpa
  10. Ms. Sangmu Sherpa
  11. Mr./Mrs. Jangbu Sherpa

Lhapso Organizers (Lawa) 2004

  1. Mr. / Mrs. Phurba Gyaljen Sherpa
  2. Mr. / Mrs. Dawa Sherpa
  3. Mr. / Mrs. Chhongba Sherpa
  4. Mrs. / Mrs. Tshering Namgyal Sherpa
  5. Mr. / Mrs. Ang Babu Sherpa
  6. Mr. / Mrs. Sanga Sherpa

Lhapso Organizers (Lawa) 2003

  1. Mr. / Mrs. Tenzing Sherpa
  2. Mr. / Mrs. Palju Sherpa
  3. Mr. / Mrs. Dawa Sherpa
  4. Mr. / Mrs. Phuri Sherpa
  5. Mr. / Mrs. Lakpa Sherpa
  6. Mr. N.C. Sherpa

Lhapso Organizers (Lawa) 2002

  1. Mr./Mrs. Chhiring,
  2. Mr./ Mrs. Girmi,
  3. Mr. / Mrs. Lhakpa Ongchuk, and
  4. Mr./Mrs.Phurpa Gyaljen),

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