Buddha Jayanti

The 2559th Buddha Jayanti (The Birthday of Gautum Buddha) was celebrated in New York on May 3rd 2015. The program is falls on the full moon day of Bainshakh (Nepali Calendar) usually in the month of April. The program was organized by ‘Himalayan Buddhist Community of Nepal. Till today, Buddhist communities are affiliated to the organization. Each of the organization will take the turn to host the program. The United Sherpa Association Inc. (Sherpa Kyidug) got an opportunity to host this year’s (2015) Buddha Jayanti. The other members of the community are: Hyolmo, Tamang, Mustang, Walung, Manang, Thakali, Dolpo, Tsum, Mugum, Gyalsumdo, Gurung, Newar, and Magar.

After the prayer ceremony, at the Sherpa Kyidug there was a ‘Peace Parade’ for the celebration of Buddha’s Birthday around Jackson Heights, New York. Then there was a formal program in front of Diversity Plaza at Jackson Heights, Queens New York. The people from different communities actively participated the parade and the formal celebration program to celebrate the auspicious day.

During the program, all the people took part in the candle lighting vigil and moment of silence in the memory of the victims of the Devastating Earthquake that broke in Nepal on 25th of April 2015.

In Buddhism, Buddha Jayanti is considered one of the main festivals and auspicious days. Lord Gautum Buddha was born, got enlightenment and passed away of the same day.

The Himalayan Buddhist Community (HBC) is encouraged and thankful to all the participants for their enthusiasm and active participation in the program. The community would like to thank all the supporters, contributors and volunteers to make this event a grand success.

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