Announcement from the Sherpa Kyidug Election committee.

  1. Announcement from the Sherpa Kyidug Election committee.

Following are the 11 Sherpa members who are nominees to serve as board members at the United Sherpa Association(USA) Inc for the next term (2019-2021) beginning February 2019 . According   to the bylaw, they will choose 4 more executive members after their first meeting in February.

  1. Mr. Jangbu Sherpa(Solu)
  2. Mr. Karma Sherpa(Dolakha)
  3. Mr. Paljer Sherpa(Ramechhap)
  4. Mr. Tshering Sherpa(Solu)
  5. Mr. Phara Dendi Sherpa(Bhojpur)
  6. Mr. Nawang Tenji Sherpa(Solu)
  7. Mrs. Yangchan Dolma Sherpa(Sindupalchok)
  8. Mr. Temba Sherpa( Solu)
  9. Mr. Phurba Sherpa( Solu)
  10. Mr. Urgen Sherpa( Solu)
  11. Mrs. Kanchi Lama( Solu)

Congratulations and very best wishes to our next Sherpa Kyidug executive board members.


Election Committee

United Sherpa Association (USA) Inc (Sherpa Kyidug).


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