Tashi Delek! (Blessings for an auspicious New Year!)

We warmly invite you to join us for a joyful first day of LOSAR – NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION on Satday , February 10, 2024, in-person at our community center. Sherpa Kyidug , 41-01 TENZING NORGAY SHERPA WAY (75TH STREET), QUEENS, NY 11373

As a community, we celebrate the new lunar year in the cosmological system followed by Tibetan/ Sherpa Buddhists. In Sherpa , this day is celebrated as “Losar” – “Lo” means year, and “Sar” means new – in which celebrations begin two days before the day of Sherpa New Year and end on that day with prayers, ceremonies, flag hoisting, monk dancing, sanga ( lion dance ) and family reunions. also , delightful refreshments such as traditional Butter tea, desil, and khapso are served . there will be special gifts for the little ones!
Hope to see you all !!

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