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Blessing Empowerment (Wang)


Ven. Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche gave Konchok Chidu Wang

(blessing empowerment of Embodiment of three Jewels) to the

Himalayan Buddhist communities and other people on 27th

September 2015 at the Sherpa Kyidug community center. His Ven. is

a highly qualified Master and Professor of Tibetan Buddhism, having

completed studies on all sutras and tantras of Buddhist Philosophy at

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche’s prestigious Ngagyur Nyingma

Institute in Mysore, India. In 1994 His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

Blessing Empowerment (Wang) by Ven. Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche

Blessing Empowerment (Wang) by Ven. Khenpo Sange
Rangjung Rinpoche

recognized him for his excellent teaching abilities, and authorized him

to establish a monastery and retreat center in Kathmandu. In addition

to being the Founder and President of Ngagyur Nyingma Palyul

Urgen Dorjee Chholing Monastery, Rinpoche also serves as

President and Chief of many organizations, monasteries and

Buddhist centers worldwide.

The Konchok Chidu Wang (Embodiment of the Three Jewels) is the

ritual practice of Könchok Chidu, which is a terma discovered by

Rigdzin Jatsön Nyingpo (1585-1656) focused on Padmasambhava.

He transmitted this set of teachings first to Dudul Dorje (1615-1672).

It has become the main practice of the Kagyu School and Nyinma

lineage as well. Konchok Chidu is a very profound and wide cycle of

teachings. There are many ways to accomplish Padmasambhava’s

mind, but this is considered one of the highest and most secret way.

According to Guru Padmasambhava, if someone even just opens a

book of this text, the surroundings become rich and peaceful, and all

wars become reduced. An individual practitioner who even just holds

these teachings, offers to its deities or listens to these precious

teachings, is a son of all Tathagatas gone to bliss, and his karmic

defilements become pure like a washed white conch. His two

accumulations increase like the stars in the sky. His bodhichitta mind

and wisdom increase limitlessly. When death comes, one can

recognize one’s own natural state and be liberated in the bardo. For

the beings of this degenerate time, receiving this precious, unbroken,

and blissful teaching is more rare and precious than finding a wish full

filling jewel.

The Konchok Chidu is a Guru Yoga practice which involves four

aspects of Padmasambhava’s activities, and encompasses all Three

Roots: the Lama, the Yidam, and the Khandro. Through the power of

the Lama, in the form of Tsokye Dorje – a peaceful manifestation of

Guru Rinpoche; the Yidam Guru Drakpo – a wrathful manifestation of

Guru Rinpoche; and the Khandro Senge Dongma, it removes

obstacles and harmful influences; creates positive circumstances for

the environment and all beings; increases virtue; and clears away all


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