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NSSP Women Circle

The Women Circle was created with a vision to create an open space where women in our community can come together and talk about issues…

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NSSP hiking trip

Hiking is a popular activity among our young high school and college students. It creates a great opportunity to interact with the environment, and give…

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NSSP Losar chewa chig

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Losar party for kids

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NSSP mentorship program

NSSP started its pilot mentorship program where current professionals and college students will be working with high school juniors and seniors throughout the academic year…

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NSSP Graduation Night

Graduation represents the time, hard work, and effort students spent towards achieving their degree. It is also a proud moment for the family of the…

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NSSP Career Panel and Networking Night

The event was initiated with the goal to bring in expert professionals from various fields to share their professional stories and help current college students,…

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NSSP SAT Diagnostic

While applying to colleges, SAT scores play a major role in high school students’ admittance to colleges. This program will allow high school students to…

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शेर्पा किदुग अमेरिकाले न्युयोर्क सरसफाई कार्यक्रम गरियो:

सेप्टेम्बर ३० २०१८: अमेरिका स्थित प्रभावशाली संस्था युनाइटेड शेर्पा एसोसिएसन ( शेर्पा किदुग) नेपालीको बाक्लो बस्ती ज्याक्सन हाइट्सको सरसफाइमा जुटेको छ । न्यूयोर्कस्थित शेर्पा जातिको…

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