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Ďòķťà-ĞÕŇÝÀ –  spiritual traditional healer 83 years experience – specialist health – mental and physical illness, relationships, permanet-marriage – reunions – business growth LOCAL – WORLDWIDE . I ANALYSE very your CURRENT situation very well and carefuly to make sure you recieve best unbreakable 12 hours solution to your problem – Prolonged suffering – SET YOUR life free from BLACK MAGIC forces – bad luck – evil powers – Demon possesion – house cleansing – work place- end addiction “START TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE” Success – education – career – reposess back that you lost  – GAY COUPLES – Lesbians -same – marriage – body change- add – loose weight – transgenda-status-transformation – end falling hair – Mother-in-law  –  lost your job?  list endless feel free to contact me for urgent or not depending on how you see and feel about your current situation. CONTACT ME : ONLY ADULTS 18 YEARS – A BOVE (SHRINE OPEN 24/7) contact me  – or make appointment any time..
Ďòķťà-ĞÕŇÝÀ –  Call – Whatsapp : +258863100867
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19-hours (guaranteed) haunt return back your lost lover devoted to one another for life.. This spell does not force love between partners or couples but soul mates. I cast it on genuine relationships persons that feel ready to settle down for marriage commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. Mutual Respect and Understanding one another in all situations. Due to some unforeseen negative mind control powers, influence now your both apart. Reconnect start to communicate to each one another smoothly today.
Some one plant or cast on you malicious-evil powers on you, family, relatives, friends, sleepless nights in house, work place, compound, garden. You want to find out who – cast them away from your life or  strike them back to were they came from or the person who sent them to you. It takes a Few HOURS the Spell to start working effectively set your life free today.
LAMENT-HEALTH-MENTAL-PSYCHICAL-HEALING-SPELLS- In fact, it’s not one spell that am discussing here every spell is casted depending on your current health condition. I analysed your dark situation carefuly to find the perfect solution for everyone.. Get rid of stretch marks, Black Spots, Clear skin, Fertility, Manhood problems, Falling hair, Nails, Long illness, Narcissism, Demon possession, You can also request for any of those as away to make some pay back for what they did to you (blind or deaf)
Black magic removal celemonies and cleansing rituals perfomed by “animal ablood” for the person going through dark days to make sure they receive total healing, perfect solution . You may have  tried many weak doctors with no help now all hope is gone but here to help you change your life. Relationships, Marriage, Boss at work, Unlock your Business. Feel free and explain to me your current situation.
ENJOY this spells -Its feels natural and magical try it today private and confidential ”CURB” Bring out your inner DESIRED Beauty, trust me I guarantee your extremely going to feel free special, natural and proud about yourself, Self-confidence, feeling on top of the world. BODY-CHANGE – GET-RID-OF-FATS ULTIMATE-WEIGHT-LOSS NO-SIDE-EFFECTS GAIN-ADD-WEIGHT-BODY-TRANSFORMATION
I cast this spell for acouples tired and fade of one another becouse of invisible or visible unbearable situations. Strange behavious, influence, no commitment, hard and miserable life. Get rid of the disrespectful relationship, KEEP THEM OR SEND AWAY or FIX BACK YOUR MARRIAGE “for-life”  FAMILY DOESN’T WANT YOU BOTH GET MARRIAGE? CONTROL-MOTHER-IN-LAW.
Request for this SPELL if have tried all that you can by all means to have ababy of your own blood but failed, Desparate need of having your own family. she is not able to conceive and have babies of her own? MY Fertility Spells or Pregnancy rituals should be used for the above reasons safe No complications, end miscarriages,  birth pains and contractions.
IF You have been searching how to Lock your partner. Long distance marriages, relationships, Feeling insecure when He or She is Not Around. If your soul mate is gone now, feeling confused, heart broken, Lonely here is something you can do about it lf that is the person you want back devoted to another for life! TRY “UNAS-LOVERS-RING”
Natural HOODOO-VOODOO RITUALS- Tuber Conjuration roots 100% natural herbs that dont have any side effect on some ones health-life. Get rid Moles, Scars, Hair loss, Regrow,Hips Enlargements, Bedroom Dryness, Intense menstruation,, Manhood. Enjoy living clean and healthy life you love today.
You tried to end arelationship with someone they dont axcept that its over. They keep coming over again and again. Choose this has your perfect spell to be casted on  you! Within hours this spell people notice inner strong feeling as a huge signs of relief!  Attention is totally diverted SOME ONE being haunted. Not to revenge but to focus their energy else were and never to turn or look back.
In a relationship with some one “SOUL-MATES” Doesnt want settle down or scared of family responsibilities? You feel he’s under influence, family pressure, work place or You got a third eyes person trying to ruine your marriage, mother in law, name it..marriage proposal? If you YES contact me today! Make them see your worth to marry their daughter simple fast and effective. “LONG-DISTANCES”
GOLD PORT OF MONEY SPELL>>  If you need VIVID financial change FINANCIAL GROWTH AND TO LAST FOR LIFE,  fighting so hard make your ends meet financially but all in vain. Even when You have money, no luck it just goes through your hands nothing You do with it , Your so hard working, Find out the secret behind those who always keep themselves on TOP in everything that they DO…How they manage to keep a clean sheet. debt free life…Try my Bloom financial spell to be casted on you if your one of the kind that work hard but always disappointed.
Your passionately in love with  your girl friend or boy friend and they are not feeling the same way you feel about them? Your in love with some one you admire at school and they dont know and you feel both of you have got connection, Make them notice afeeling of closeness and true love you feel for them today. After casting this spell on that person for you trust me things are same time happen between both of you the way you have been wishing them to happen going to be same again and never want to walk away you but always next to you tight together forever happy in love
I do cast this magical spell on persons that want to MEET/ATTRACT NEW PERSONS INTO THEIR LIVES, fresh life, new relationship, persons that ready or want to try  to settle down find true soul mates to spend life with. If you’re ready to need to bring that new love into your life this is my perfect spell for you. Attract most especially those that you want to be attracted to, More Attention  and respect. Most people say they feel like they’ve been turned into amagnet, more alluring..
I cast this spell on you if you have started to see your partner changing his bed room behaviours, no more attention, romance, sex, sleeping different directions, no more respect, commitment like before things are getting out of your hands. Feel like useless and heart broken? arguments, always coming up excuses just to fight not to sit down and sort out things in such circumstances this is the perfect spell for you to work things out to save your marriage.
Be- Loved spell cast – are suffering with rejection? Or never with luck when it comes to relationships always things don’t work out the way you see them after meeting people that you think are the right ones for you end of the day they just leave you.  Are you always pick out as the wrong person even when you know your right?
Have you been cheated or lost anything precious that you feel some will never be even recovered. I don’t care for how long they are missing or who is responsible am here to help you get back what you think it was gone you get to recovered it today. Make them pay back more than you took from you. If you to strike them back with arevenge your request is my comand.
Feel free to contact me on my email available day and night.……
I Ďòķťà-ĞÕŇÝÀ –  Call – Whatsapp : +258863100867
: email:
ExPeRiEnCeD-MaN -TrUsTeD-AcCuRaTe-PsYcHiC -ReAdInG-MoNeY-BaCk-GuArAnTeE -SpElLs-ChArMs-DjInN-PeNdAnTs

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