Powerful Dua to Control Husband


Are you among those wives whose husbands don’t listen to you?

Are you the one whose husband never care enough to spend some quality time with you?

Don’t fret! you are on the right platform.

Powerful dua to control husband in Islam will be beneficial for you. Our renowned Molvi Ji will help you with the required solution.

There are times when you observe that your marriage has lost its charm. That person (your husband) who used to take stand for you in early years of marriage suddenly doesn’t pay heed to what you are going through. Dua for controlling husband by following the right procedure will help you get husband love back.

Powerful dua to control husband
Marriage is a sacred bond where two individuals decide to walk through every phase of life together. Marriage changes the life of a woman completely. She leaves her parental house to start a new life with her husband but what happens when a husband doesn’t spare few minutes to communicate with you? Your life shatters and you feel broken inside. Follow the powerful dua to control husband to win his love back for you.

Recite “Durood sharif” for 11 times

Head over to Chapter 16 of Quran and recite ayat no.39 for 500 times.

After reciting the Dua blow your breath on your husband.

After marriage, A woman happiness is totally dependent on husband’s behavior towards her. The prosperity of married life for wives depends on how their husbands treat them. But not all the wives are lucky and get what they expect from their husbands. By the grace of almighty Allah, Molvi Ji who is a specialist in dealing with husband-wife relationship problem has a cure for your problem. Book an appointment or call Molvi Ji to seek help to control your husband by blessings of Allah.

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