NYC Government Jobs

There are various job and internship opportunities available in the New York City Government. You can explore them at: NYC Jobs. The job openings can range from part time labor jobs to full time administrative positions. Each posting details the minimum experience or/and education requirement, salary/wage range, job description and preferred skills. Applicant must be eligible to work in the United States to apply. To apply click the Apply Now button on the bottom of the posting. The applicant needs to register and create an account to fill the application. Once submitted, the Human Resource personnel of the agency reviews your application and you will be contacted to schedule an interview if chosen. **The process can take some time (1-3 months).

The New York City Department of CityWide Administrative Services NYC DCAS lists various exams for civil service titles each year. There are open competitive exams that are available to the public.  These exams are different from the job openings posted in the NYC Jobs. You will need to apply for these exams even if you are already employed by a New York City agency in order to maintain a permanent title. You are eligible to apply even if you are not employed by a New York City Agency or unemployed.

To view schedule of upcoming exams for this year check: Current Civil Service Exam List. You can view the exam details and requirements by viewing Past Notice of Examination. The applicant needs to create an account in order to register for the exams. Once an account is created Log In to pay the registration fee and apply for the eligible exams. Please read the instruction in the notice of examination and in the online application process carefully. Some exams are education and experience based only, while others may have computer/paper based testing. You can find resources for such tests online or in New York City libraries. If you are applying for exams with specific education requirements and you were educated outside the United States, you need to get your foreign education evaluated by NYC DCAS approved evaluation services. There are two types of evaluation: (1) Document by Document Evaluation (2) General Evaluation. Check which is required for your exam from the notice of examination.

It may take some time (1-14 months) before the result of the exams are posted. You can view them at Civil Service List (Active) by downloading the Excel file that lists all the exam results. If you gave a paper/computer based multiple choice test you can check the answer key at Exam key. You can claim for readjustment of your score if you find discrepancy in the answer key or if your score is different after checking with the provided answer key. If you pass you will be assigned a List Number for that particular Title depending on your score. You will be called for an interview when the hiring pool reaches your list number. Once you are hired, you will posses a permanent civil service title at that agency.

For more information regarding New York City Civil Service Exam click link.