NYC Affordable Housing

NYC Housing Connect is your portal to search and apply for affordable housing opportunities in New York City. On the site, you can:

  • Learn how to apply for affordable housing in New York City.
  • View current and upcoming housing opportunities.
  • Start, save, and complete an application for your household.
  • Apply to housing options for which you may qualify.

Applying and qualifying for affordable housing can be a long process, and you are not guaranteed to receive housing. Your household must not only qualify with detailed criteria on a property-by-property basis, but you must also be selected at random in that property’s lottery.

To create an account or look up available housing click the link: NYC Connect Housing Account.

Application for the NYC Connect Housing can be submitted online through your online account. The apartments in this programs are mostly new built and differ in income requirements. Click the housing list name from the available listings to learn if you qualify under the income limits. Click link to see an example of a listing. The application process is done online. Once submitted you will be assigned a log number and if selected the applicant will be contacted through the email address provided in the application. See What to Expect to learn more about the process. 5% of the available units are reserved for people or family with members that have mobility disability and 2% are reserved for people or family with members that have vision/hearing impairment.

Mitchell-Lama developments are City-sponsored housing for moderate- and middle-income households. Mitchell-Lama apartments are sold or rented through waiting lists kept by each development. To look up any Open Mitchell Lama Apartment click the link: Mitchell Lama Open List.

Applications for the Mitchell Lama Development Housings needs to be requested from the Management Office. The address to the management office can be found at the far right column of Mitchell Lama Open List. Call the management office to verify the address of the management office. In the request for application provide the name of the Apartment building you are contacting about, your contact information, a return envelop with postage, and return address. Once the application is received, it needs to be completed and submitted back to the management office. The management office reviews the application for completeness and provides the applicant with a log number through mail. When rental/co-op units become available the log numbers from the wait-list are called upon. This is a long process since all previous log numbers in the wait list will be contacted/filled. It may take 1-5 years from the date of receiving a log number depending on how many  applicants are in the wait-list. To look up Mitchell Lama Apartment current Log click the link: Mitchell Lama Housing. If you would like to receive an e-mail when future opportunities arise, please create an account on Mitchell-Lama Connect. Your email address will automatically be added to our distribution list.
For more information on income limits and additional resources regarding Mitchell Lama Developments click the link HPD- Mitchell Lama Affordable Housing.

If you have any questions on how to create an account, or information regarding the process for Mitchell Lama Housing please contact us via phone or email and schedule an appointment with our trained housing specialist who will guide you through the process.