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Sports Event 2015

United Sherpa Association Inc. (Sherpa Kyidug) has been organizing various sport

events for youths since 1998. The main objective of the events is to encourage the

youths in various sports and give a platform to boost their abilities. The other

objectives of the events are to motivate and participate the younger generation in

community activities enhancing their mutual cooperation and understanding within

the community and other communities; aware both parents and children about

healthy living; and to transmit the cultural heritage based norms and values to the

younger generation involving them in community activities. The sports event is

organized usually during Labor Day weekend in summer. The association has been

organizing tournaments among children twice a year. The association is planning to

encourage the players to participate in various tournaments organized by different

clubs. The greater goal of the sports event is to contribute in producing national and

international level players in various sports.

Annual Sports Events 2015

Annual Sports Events 2015

The annual sports event organized by the association in 2015 was a historic and

mega event among the Nepalese communities in New York. More than 600 players

participated in various tournaments. 13 teams competed for Volleyball; 16 teams

played Soccer; and 8 teams were selected for Basketball. Interestingly, there were

10 teams of children below age 14 took part in the tournament. Teams and clubs

from Ohio, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York took

part in the event. All the players and instructors were awarded certificates and

medals at the end of the event.

More than 600 people including guests, parents, and other spectators have

participated the final event. Mr. Rinji Sherpa (Khambache) has played significant

role to organize the event as a coordinator for Youth and Sports on behalf of the

current executive committee (2015/2016) of the association. Similarly, sports

trainer cum volunteers Mr. Tshering Namgel Sherpa and Mr. Sangbu Sherpa have

contributed tremendous time and effort to make this event a grant success.

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