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The United Sherpa Association Inc. (Sherpa Kyidug) strongly believes on the role of youths and younger generation for the overall community development. The association has been organizing various sport events for youths since 1998. The main objective of the events is to encourage the youths in various sports and give a platform to boost their abilities.   The other objectives of the events are to motivate and participate the younger generation in community activities enhancing their mutual cooperation and understanding within the community and other communities; aware both parents and children about healthy living; and to transmit the cultural heritage based norms and values to the younger generation involving them in community activities.  The sports event is organized usually during Labor Day weekend in summer.  The association has been organizing tournaments among children twice a year.  The association is planning to encourage the players to participate in various tournaments organized by different clubs.  The greater goal of the sports event is to contribute in producing national and international level players in various sports.


The sports event was conceptualized as a potluck picnic in New York in 1998.  Volleyball was the first game organized by the association. Since then the association has been organizing volleyball tournament among different community groups and clubs.  This annual volleyball tournament was one of the major sport events among the Nepali communities in USA particularly in the east coast with attractive prizes and medal.


The association included Soccer game in its sport events since 2007 in response to the increasing number of Sherpa youths interested in the soccer game.  Many clubs within the Sherpa community and teams from Bhutanese, Tibetan and other communities also have been participating in the Soccer tournaments.


Similarly, the association also initiated Gulf tournament since 2007.  Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa has been coordinating the gulf tournament every year since then.  The association has organized Tibet Open, Himalayan Gulf, Bhutanese Gulf, ANA Gulf and Gimin Gulf tournaments so far.


The association included Basketball in its sport events in 2013.  Many teams from different communities in New York and surrounding states have been participating in the basketball tournament.  The Kyidug has been also participating different basketball tournaments organized by other communities, associations, and clubs.

The association has formed a sub committee for Youth and Sports in order to organize the sports event.  Mr. Rinji Sherpa is the present coordinator for the sub-committee.  Mr. Tshering Namgel Sherpa and Mr. Sangbu Sherpa have been volunteering to organize trainings and events.  They started the training session for Soccer with 15 youths; now more than 100 youths participate the training on every Sunday.  Four professional trainers have been hired for the training.  The sub-committee organizes indoor training sessions in the winter and during summer they have been playing in public parks.  Since 2016 they have selected the Big-bush Park located in Queens, New York to practice the soccer on every Sunday

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