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Religious Functions

Tshyothul Tuchen

Tshyothul Tuchen is considered as one of the significant day in Buddhism known as festival of Buddha’s Great Miracles.  This is the day on which Buddha had tamed demons and all heretics with the display of various miracles of the body—miraculous manifestations, speech—miraculous display of the doctrine, and mind—miraculous communication to establish beings on the grounds of benefits and happiness.
This auspicious function is observed from 1st to 15th day of 1st month of the lunar calendar.  Special service is organized on the 15th day—it usually falls in the month of February.


It is one of very auspicious days for the Buddhist communities.  It is also known as Festivals of Vainshakha or Sakadawa (Sagadawa).  This day is important for three most significant events in Buddha’s life—the birth, enlightenment, and demise (Mahaparinirvana) that were achieved on the same day. Therefore, the Buddha Jayanti (Birthday) is observed on the same day.
From the 1st to 15th day of the 4th month is considered very important period in Buddhism.  This most memorable day in Buddhism falls on 15th day (The full-moon day) of the 4th month in Tibetan Lunar Calendar—it usually occurs during the month of May.
The different Buddhist communities including Sherpa observe especial event on this remarkable day.

Tshyokor Tuchen

Tshyokor Tuchen, is one of the important day’s in Buddhism.  It is the day of Buddha’s first turning of Dharma wheel and starting of his first teaching. This festival is celebrated on the 4th day of 6th month according to Tibetan Lunar Calendar —it usually falls in the month of August. This auspicious day is also known as Tukpa Tsheshyi in Sherpa Buddisht community.

Lhapap Tuchen

Lhapab Tuchen, also known as Buddha’s Descent from Heaven on the earth.  It is one of the four great holy days in Buddhism. It occurs on the 22nd day of the ninth month according to Lunar Calendar –usually falls in the third week of November in Western Calendar.  The event is observed by organizing a special service at the community center.


Tshechyu means the 10th day of every month in the Lunar Calendar.  It is the birthday of Gururinpoche who was born on 10th day of 5th month.  This day is very important because Gururinpoche had committed to give teachings to the followers on every 10th day of each month.  Special service (Pooja) is observed on this day at the community center.
Interested individuals and families can take Lawa (Turn) to organize this service.

Thoma (Nyernga)

Thoma service is observed on every 25th day of each month in Tibetan Calendar.  This service is observed as the birthday of Khandoma (Dakini).  Special service is held at monasteries or community centers on this day.

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