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Losar is the New Year according to Lunar Calendar. The word ‘Lo-sar’ is made up of two morphemes: ‘Lo’ which means ‘Year’ and ‘Sar’ meaning ‘new’ in the Sherpa language. Therefore, the etymological meaning of the word ‘Losar’ is ‘New Year’.

Obviously, it is one of the important festivals for the communities who follow the Lunar Calendar. This festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st month in Lunar Calendar. It usually occurs during February or March in Gregarian Calendar. Due to lesser days in the whole year in Sherpa-Tibetan Calendar, in every three years, this day will be moved one month earlier according to other Calendar such as the Western Calendar.


Lhapso is the worship of various gods and goddesses –mainly the Buddha, Community Deities, This event is usually observed on the 3rd day of the New Year in Lunar Calendar. However, this event has been observed during different dates based on the suitable time for the specific community in a particular geographical region. For instance, the Lhapso is observed during April or May on a weekend rather then in February or March in the USA, particularly in the east coast because it is much warner in April or May.
A group of individuals or families will be selected as Lawa (Turn taker) in order to organize this community event for each year. The United Sherpa Association (USA) Inc. will be the main organizer of the event.

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