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Demographic Data

Demographic Data
The Association has been collecting Demographic Data of Sherpa people living in USA.  The sub-committee has developed both Online and Print version forms to collect the data. Considerable numbers of people have filled out the online forms.  We are now updating managing the data for multipurpose use of the data for the overall development of the community.  Mr. Samten Norbu Sherpa, the present Secretary has played important role as a coordinator to implement this program.

As this is an ongoing program, you are requested to fill out the firm if you haven’t done it yet or if your information has changed recently.  Please browse the following link to fill out the form.

Data Collection Form

Why the Sherpa Demographic Data?

The size of Sherpa community in USA is growing considerably contributing the socio-cultural diversity in this land of opportunity.  In the transitional phase, the Sherpa community has been facing various socio-cultural, linguistic, and economic challenges to earn living and life even in this wonderful country. However, the community is very aware and strong enough to be united and work for the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage.  The establishment of the United Sherpa Association Inc. (Sherpa Kyidug) is one of the examples of their commitment to build a united and prosperous Sherpa community in USA.

The association aims to contribute in building a prosperous and united Sherpa community in USA. It is very essential for the association to have the tentative and updated Demographic Data of its community in order to make plans to achieve its mission. Please browse the following link to fill out the form.

Data Collection Form

Objectives of the Data Collection

The main objectives of the Sherpa Demographic Data is to make more reliable and effective planning of activities based on the updated data for the entire community.  The demographic data will be an important resource for the entire community.  Some of the other objectives of the data collection are:

  • To know the total number of Sherpa people of a particular age, sex, clan, professional group. So that the association or other community group can plan activities based on the figure. For example, the association can better plan its annual Sports Event based on the number of Children and Youth in the East Coast in USA.
  • To know the ethnic and clan composition within the community. All Sherpa people know we have clan (Ru) system, but many people don’t know many of the clan (Ru) and their composition in the community.
  • To know the status of the people. Our rights and responsibilities; our needs and demands are different depending upon the status.  For example, the needs for Sherpa students are different from the professionals; they may need help in the areas of developing linkages, and locating financial resources. Similarly, depending upon status (Citizens, Permanent Resident), they will have greater access to federal and state resources for the prosperity of the entire community.
  • To know the areas of education and profession. So that we can develop plans and activities suitable for their field of education or profession.
  • To know the facts: It is always good thing to know the fact and figures of your community.

How to fill out the forms?

The association has been collecting and updating the demographic data of Sherpa people living in USA.  One can fill the form online.  The online form is available in the website: www.sherpakyidug.org. One can also access the form from the association’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/sherpakyidug . One can also fill the forms by just clicking the following link or copy it and browse in any browser:

Data Collection Form.

It’s very simple form and one can fill out it by using computer, IPad or Iphone within 2 minutes.
If you want to fill out the printed form, one can visit our office and provide the information.
The form is developed for every individual because we realized that most of the information is different for every individual even in the same family except the family name and permanent address. Therefore, please do fill out the forms separately for each of your family member and relatives. Please browse the following link to fill out the form.

Data Collection Form

How can I update my data?

If your information such as address, contact, and status has been changed since you provided the data, then you need to fill out the form again to update it.  Then your old information will be replaced with the new one.

Is it safe to provide the information?

Since the data form doesn’t ask your date of birth, and social security number, or other documents, there will not be any problem of personal information leakage. On top of that, the association will be fully responsible to handle and manage the data.    Most importantly, the association stores the data securely in soft-copy –no paper forms. Only certain information will be accessible for the public if inquired properly. Please browse the following link to fill out the form.

Data Collection Form

How can we help to complete the Data Collection?

One can assist the Data collection process by providing your own data (including family members).  It is very challenging and important to inform and convince the people about the significance of the data.  Therefore, we would be grateful if you could educate, motivate, or encourage them to provide the data.  One can use the social media such as facebook, twitter etc. and share this information among your circle of friends and relatives. Please browse the following link to fill out the form.

Data Collection Form

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